Giving Young Professionals a Reason to Stay

Young Professionals at Eberl Iron Works
Jun 29 2013

Eberl Iron Works, Inc. – Buffalo, NY, June 2013. Congratulations to Justin Carr and Kirsten Jost, pictured above (L to R), both recent MBA graduates of Canisius College and employees at Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

Kirsten Jost, who is currently an office intern, graduated with an MBAA – a Masters of Business Administration in Accounting. “Her specialized skills have been a wonderful asset,” says Marketing Coordinator Liz Durand, “she’s a virtual wizard with an Excel spreadsheet and has been an immense help with processing data for upload to our website.”

Hiring and fostering interns has long been a practice at Eberl Iron Works, where many business, finance, accounting and marketing students, from Canisius College, as well as the University of Buffalo, have come to learn valuable job skills over the years.

“We consider playing an active role in the community to be a very important aspect of our company culture, and supporting local colleges and universities by providing paid internship opportunities to students is a way for us to do that – not to mention what we get in return,” said Nora Eberl, CFO of Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

“These students bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and vital energy to the table; by immersing them in Eberl’s day to day operations we are able to revisit our challenges from new angles, and gain valuable insight on what we can do to refine and improve upon our business practices.”

CEO John Eberl agrees, adding “we are excited, as a company, about the potential of harnessing fresh talent.”

Justin Carr, who began as an intern in January 2012 – shortly after completing his undergraduate degree from the University of Buffalo: a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing – was promoted to Sales Associate, in January 2013, while still earning his MBA. A participant in the Executive MBA Program, with a concentration in marketing, Justin completed the program, which normally lasts a full 3 years, in 18 short months. He did this in style: juggling a hefty work load with numerous school obligations, while maintaining a GPA that later got him inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for Scholastic Achievement.

In a time when many promising young job candidates are fleeing the area in record numbers, John Eberl had this to say, “We knew we couldn’t let Justin get away. His eagerness to learn, his commitment to customers and coworkers alike, and his relentless drive were impressive traits we knew we wanted to hold onto.”

To Justin, being offered a position upon completion of his internship – even before he had graduated – was, “a phenomenal opportunity to establish a solid foundation in business and sales practices, one that [his career could] expand on in the future.”

With the abundance of colleges and universities in the area, there are many promising young professionals, like Kirsten and Justin, actively seeking opportunities to further their educations and careers, many of whom are grateful, in an economy where decent jobs can be difficult to come by, for a chance to shine.

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