Foreign Sign Posts Pose Major Threat

Eberl Iron Works Traffic Safety Products Division warns of Foreign Sign Posts and Liability | Eberl Iron Works Inc. | Buffalo NY USA
Nov 12 2013


November 12, 2013

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Installation of Non-U.S Sign Posts causes Liability Concerns

It has recently come to light that sign posts from foreign sources are being imported into the U.S., and have begun to infiltrate supplied being used within our American road maintenace communities.

No Approval at State or Federal Levels

This is a cause for extreme concern; non-domestic sign posts do not have the approvals of either the NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), or the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Furthermore, the inconsistencies in the steel being used in the manufacture of these foreign posts, and the differing tolerance levels of the steel, create a potential safety hazard during vehicle impacts.

Should you install one of these non-approved, non-crash-tested sign structures on a roadway, your municipal entity may be held solely liable for any injuries, or deaths resulting from that accident.

What can you do?

There are two things you must be prepared to ask for when buying sing posts, and that any reputable source should have no problem providing you with:

  1. Certificate of Manufacturing, which includes: the origin of the sign post, the grade of steel that the posts have been manufactured to, and the date of their manufacture.
  2. FHWA Acceptance Letter on the sign posts you’re buying from your supplier showing that they have federal approval for use on U.S. roads.

Traffic Safety Products, a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc., certifies that all of our sign posts systems have state and federal approvals for use on the national highway system, and are Made in America / made in the USA.

If you should have an y further questions or concerns, please contact our customer service department by calling: 1 (800) 285-3056, or by emailing us: [email protected]


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