EIW Donates Toys to St. Luke’s Mission

Eberl Iron Works domates toys to St Luke's Mission Christmas 2015 | Eberl Iron Works Inc. | Buffalo NY USA
Nov 16 2015

Members from Eberl Iron Works took a short ride down Sycamore Street today, to neighboring St. Luke’s Mission to drop off toy donations from employees.

The toys will be going to about 2200 children, spread out over roughly 750 families. The toys are collected and distributed to the parents or guardians of the children, well in advance of the holidays, so there is plenty of time to take the gifts home and wrap them. This way the kids can open their presents at home on Christmas morning smile emoticon.

While we were there taking a look at the beautiful structure and listening to the wonderful, and helpful volunteers discuss renovations, they were also very busy collecting food donations. St. Like’s Mission plans to hand out Thanksgiving dinner essentials to approximately 2600 families this year!

Please visit their website to learn more about all of the charitable giving and volunteer opportunities that are available:


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