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School Supply Drive | Charity | Eberl Iron Works Inc. | Buffalo NY USA
Sep 29 2022

A Community Outreach Committee is Established

As Eberl Iron Works approaches it’s 100 year anniversary, we started a Community Outreach Program as a way to say thank you to the city that has supported us along our journey. Consisting of 5 employees along with CEO, John Eberl, and CFO, Nora Eberl, the committee is finding ways to volunteer around the city to help those in need. Volunteer opportunities have included street clean up events, opening a free public library box, donating to local churches, and most recently, a school supply drive.

school supply drive

1st Annual School Supply Drive was a HUGE Success

Our Community Outreach Community recently teamed up with 2 local schools to donate supplies to kick off the new school year. To get the company pumped for this school supply drive opportunity, the company was divided into teams to create a friendly competition. To add to the excitement, John and Nora announced they would match employee donations at the end of the collection period. With a pizza party and gift cards on the line for the winning team, school supplies started coming in by the box loads. Monetary donations were adding up quick and our lobby was quickly filled with more school supplies than we had room for.

The Kids Are The Real Winners

school supply donations

When all was said and done, employees donated enough school supplies to fill the bed of a pickup TWICE, one truck load for each school. Dropping off the supplies was a truly rewarding experience. Seeing the smile on the teachers’ faces and knowing our school supply drive would have such a positive impact on the local community was amazing! Eberl Iron Works is constantly blessed with opportunities like this and our Community Outreach Committee is looking forward to our next opportunity to give back!

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