Four key employees assume new roles at Eberl Iron Works

Four Employees Promoted to New Positions at Eberl Iron Works | Eberl Iron Works Inc. | Buffalo NY USA
Feb 02 2017

Co-owners John Eberl and Nora Eberl announce four new promotions

BUFFALO, NY – Eberl Iron Works is drawing on the expertise of both veterans and relative newcomers as it realigns responsibilities to better accommodate current and future customer needs. Co-owners John C. Eberl, chief executive officer, and Nora E. Eberl, chief financial officer, have announced four promotions.


  • Thomas A. Huber Sr. to facilities engineer, a new position
  • Paul C. Brydalski to plant foreman
  • Mitchell A. Wojda to customer service supervisor
  • Robert P. Kaznica Jr. to a customer service representative

Huber, Brydalski and Wojda report to Gregory N. Jones, operations manager; Kaznica reports to Wojda.

Tom Huber

Tom Huber is one of Eberl’s valued veterans, with a tenure approaching 36 years. In addition to maintaining all equipment, he also assumes the role of safety manager. The former plant supervisor graduated from East Senior High School in West Seneca, where he studied metals shop, woods shop and welding. The need to add the facilities engineer position emerged as the company continues to increase capacity and expand its capabilities.

Paul Brydalski

Paul Brydalski, who joined Eberl in May 1989, earned a degree in building trades from Potter Career & Technical Center. He oversees EIW’s two sites: the original facility and the former Buffalo Metal Forming, which was acquired in 2014.

Mitch Wojda

Mitch Wojda holds a degree in management information systems from Canisius College. Hired in 2012 as a customer service representative, he now leads the department.

Bobby Kaznica

Bobby Kaznica, who joined EIW in 2014 as a machine assistant, has a degree in energy utility technology from Erie Community College. Along with customer service responsibilities, he will also assist with estimating.

Company leaders have long believed in cultivating and promoting talent from within. “We really invest in our people,” Nora Eberl said. “We work hard to find out what they’re good at and passionate about, and then do everything we can to help them succeed.”

The promotions represent “a combination of veterans and new employees,” she explains. Greg Jones concurs. “For newer employees, growth represents opportunities for them as well as for the company,” he said. “We’re looking for people who have ideas, and if they want to grow, we want them on board.”

John Eberl and Nora Eberl cite two factors prompting the promotions: Business is accelerating overall. And new opportunities are arising from additional space and equipment acquired in the Buffalo Metal Forming acquisition. EIW’s welding and assembly operations and Rooftop Support Systems Division manufacturing expanded into that second site last year.

About Eberl Iron Works

Established in 1923, Eberl Iron Works is a family-owned company that serves markets across the Northeast. In addition to rooftop support systems, its manufacturing and distribution businesses include custom metal fabrication, Unistrut metal framing products, traffic safety products and systems installation.

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