A Century of Service and Family – Celebrating 100 Years

100 Year Anniversary | Eberl Iron Works Inc. | Buffalo NY USA
Jul 13 2023
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Serving the Needs of Our Customers Since 1923

Eberl Iron Works, Inc. celebrated a well deserved milestone as family, employees, friends, and special guests gathered to celebrate Eberl’s 100 Year Anniversary at The Twentieth Century Club of Buffalo. The night started with cocktails, appetizers and harp music as guests began to arrive. When all guests were checked in, the party was moved into the dining room where 3rd generation owners John Eberl and Nora Eberl, along with 2nd generation owner, George Eberl welcomed guests and gave brief speeches to kick off the celebration. A blessing was then read aloud before guests were treated to dinner and gentle dinner music.

“Celebrating this milestone tonight with our families, our colleagues, and our friends is very special to us. Yes, Eberl Iron Works has come a long way in 100 years. We now have five divisions, technologies, and products that the first generation maybe never knew would be possible. There a few things though that haven’t changed: the commitment to family, providing meaningful work for our workforce – our extended family – and our core values that include quality and community.”

– 3rd Generation Owner and CEO, John Eberl

Honoring Those Who Show True Commitment to Eberl Iron Works

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As guests enjoyed their dinner, John and Nora Eberl took the opportunity to honor and thank the men and women who work day in and day out to continue to help Eberl Iron Works grow and succeed. Employees who have been with the company more than 10 years were recognized for their achievements. Those employees were:

  • Frank Eberl – 56 years
  • George Eberl – 52 years
  • Steve Paveljack – 43 years
  • Tom Huber – 42 years
  • Dennis Esford – 36 years
  • Paul Brydalski – 34 years
  • Ray Owsian – 33 years
  • Gregory Jones – 28 years
  • Jeff Ersing – 22 years
  • Denise Wilson – 15 years
  • Liz Durand – 14 years
  • Andrew Heckler – 14 years
  • David Bucholz – 12 years
  • Justin Carr – 11 years
  • Mitch Wojda – 10 years

The list ended with 3rd generation owners, John and Nora, honoring each other for their years of service.

  • Nora Eberl – 25 years
  • John Eberl – 22 years

Presenting Eberl Iron Works With Commemorative Gifts

eberl iron works mosaic

To show their gratitude for Eberl Iron Works and recognize John and Nora for their hard work and dedication towards improving the company and the community, employees presented the owners with a 100 Year Anniversary sign that shows the 3 generations of owners, starting with the 1st generation, the “Three Amigos”, Frank, George and Martin, then the 2nd generation, Frank and George, and finally the 3rd generation, John and Nora. This plaque is now proudly displayed in our conference room as a reminder of the hard work and dedication that went in to reaching a century of service. Steve Paveljack and his wife, Donna, also presented John and Nora with a handmade mosaic Eberl Iron Works sign which now hangs in our front lobby.

The night ended with closing remarks from John and Nora as they thanked everyone for attending. It was a night that won’t soon be forgotten!

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being our families at home and in the shop. You exemplify all that our founders wanted when they formed the company and you’re creating our legacy.”

– 3rd Generation Owner and CEO, John Eberl
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