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P3300 Series Unistrut Light Duty Concrete Insert

1-5/8" by 7/8" Channel

Concrete inserts manufactured out of cold formed 12g steel. Nail or anchor inserts to forms every 16" to 24", anchors are 8" on center.


Use P3380 End Cap when distance to first anchor is up to 2".

Use P3703 End Cap when end distance to first anchor is over 2".

P3349-P3351 P3352-P3353 P3354-P3370


P3252-P3353 P3354-P3370

Select Length, Closure Option, and Finish below.

*** Not all closure options and finishes are available in all lengths; if you choose a combination of length, closure option, and finish which prompts a 'call for price' message, then that selection is not offered, and no pricing will be provided if you call ***

Download PDF Submittal - Unistrut P1000

Download the full Unistrut #17 General Engineering Catalog - PDF Format

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