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U-Bolt for Food Grade Strut

U-Bolt for use with Food Grade Strut. Fabricated to Accommodate trade Sizes of Piping or Conduit. Minimum Tread to ease assembly and minimize exposed threads. Stainless Steel Construction.

Sizes #10-#100 sold in quantity of 25 per box.
Sizes #110-#170 sold 10 per box.

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FGUB010, FGUB020, FGUB030, FGUB040, FGUB050, FGUB060, FGUB070, FGUB080, FGUB090, FGUB100, FGUB110, FGUB120, FGUB130, FGUB140, FGUB150, FGUB160, FGUB170
Food Grade Strut
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