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Unistrut Buffalo Supports (UBS) is the world's longest running distributor of genuine Unistrut Metal Framing Products and supporting services, to manufacturers, contractors, building maintenance and everyone in between. As the oldest independent distributor of Unistrut, we lead the industry in expertise and product knowledge. We provide our customers with a vast amount of product knowledge and the insights that we've accumulated over decades of selling Unistrut, Unistrut supporting products and Unistrut services. From over-the-counter sales and online transactions for single parts or pieces, to complete design and installation of Unistrut systems and solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with exactly what you need, at a competive price, and with a quick lead time.

We gladly sell broken boxes and bundles of Unistrut pipe clamps, brackets, parts, fittings, hardware, strut channel and more, through our online store front. For harder to find items, or item finishes, we'll work with you to provide accurate lead times and follow up. For larger orders (full boxes and bundles) we'll be glad to provide you with customized quoting, including volume discounts. If you need design help, or have questions about Unistrut channel, fittings, clamps, hardware or anything else Unistrut related, we are here to provide the answers. Need a CAD drawing, product specifications or product submittals? We have those too! We look forward to hearing from you.

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