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The World's Longest Running Distributor of Genuines Unistrut Channel & Fittings

Unistrut Buffalo Supports is a leading authorty on the Unistrut Metal Framing System and has been distributing genuine Unistrut channel, parts and hardware since 1946.

The Unistrut P1000 series (1-5/8") is by far the most popular variety of metal strut channel that we sell. We stock and ship a complete line of metal struts, including the Unistrut P1000 series Unistrut channel and it's variations, such as slotted (Unistrut P1000T) and back-to-back (Unistrut P1001 & P1001T), also known as double strut channel. We also sell shallow strut channel, such as the P3300 series and P4100 series, as well as deep strut channel, like the P5500 and P5000. We carry less popular series, like 1-1/4" (Unistrut A1000) and 13/16" (Unistrut P6000 & P7000 series), as well.

Unistrut channel is offered in a variety of finishes: perma green, pre-galvanized, plain carbon steel & hot-dipped galvanized. We also carry special metals, including: stainless steel strut channel (type 304 & 316) and aluminum strut channel). We stock metals channels in a variety of holes styles: solid (no holes), T-slot (T) slotted channel, round holes (HS), round holes on 3 sides (H3), elongated slots (SL) and more. Typical channel lengths are 10 ft or 20 ft, but we can cut your order to length for you, for an additional fee.

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