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Type I & II Barricades

Our Traffic Safety Products Division has a wide selection of barricades to choose from; we sell Type I, II, and III Barricades in a variety of styles and materials. We sell plastic folding barricades, Plastic A-Frame Barricades, Water-Fillable Barricades, and even manufacture our own line of Steel Type III Barricades. We can customize the length, reflective material, striping direction, and number of sides for the reflective on your barricade boards, to give you a multitude of options that will fit your every need - whether you are using your barricades for traffic, or just crowd control, we have something that will fit your purpose. All of our barricades are MUTCD compliant, and many of our barricades, including all of our Type III Barricades, are NHCRP-350 crash test approved.

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Plasticade type II Barricade
45"H x 25"W overall. 
12" x 24" top panel.
8" x 24" bottom panel.
Stripes on sheeting are 4" wide.
Weight: 16 lbs.
Molded hollow for internal ballasting with sand. Incredibly durable. Molded in handles for mounting flashing lights. Hinges click-lock in open position - collapse on impact.

Includes striped sheeting on both sides. Produced with Left Stripe Sheeting on one side and Right Stripe Sheeting on other side. Striped sheeting options: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, and Diamond Grade. Barricade is available in orange, yellow, or white.

Perfect substitute for heavy steel barricades. Stacks compactly for storage and transport.

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Type I or Type II Econocade Barricade

Injection molded econmoy Type I or Type II Barricades with High-Intensity Prismatic reflective sheeting.

  • Type I  - (1) 8" x 24" Striped Reflective Panel (4" stripes)
  • Type II  - (2) 8" x 24" Striped Reflective Panes (4" stripes)

Barricade dimensions are approximately 43" high and 24.5" wide

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