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Pedestrian Crosswalk Markers

Choose from several styles of portable sign kits for pedestrian crossings. Eberl Iron Work's Pedestrian Crosswalk Kits are durable and they are easy to assemble and to transport. Everything you will need for assembly is conveniently included (base, post, sign(s) and hardware. Our Pedestrian Crosswalk Markers are FHWA approved, and all of our stand, bases, and markers are NHCRP-350 crash test approved.

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Safe-Hit Pedestrian Crosswalk Marker Light Duty

Safe-Hit Light Duty Pedestrian Crosswalk Markers are a light duty alternative to flexible pedestrian crossing markers.

Flexible sign posts are 2-1/8" in diameter and come with assembly hardware already built in.

12"x18" Engineer grade reflective signs offer an economical option towards marking crosswalks. An 18 lbs rubber base offers stability, and ease of moving after use.

This product is great for small villages or private property.

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Pedestrian Crosswalk Marker Kit

Pedestrian Crosswalk Marker Kit includes: one base, one 42"  lime green post, and two 12" x 32" Diamond Grade Fluorescent 'STATE LAW YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS WITHIN CROSSWALK' signs with hardware.

Signs are of the highest grade reflective material and meet with all MUTCD and FHWA guidelines. This kit is NHCRP-350 crash test approved.

* For 'STOP' sign version, please call for price and availability

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Minicade with Barricade Sheeting
36"H x 13"W x 3"D overall.
Two 12" x 24" sheeting panels .
Stripes on sheeting are 4" wide.
Weight 10 lbs.
Molded hollow for internal ballasting with sand. Incredibly durable. Molded in handles for mounting flashing lights. Hinges click-lock in open position - collapse on impact.
Includes striped sheeting on both sides. Produced with Left Stripe Sheeting on one side and Right Stripe Sheeting on other side. Striped sheeting options: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, and Diamond Grade. Barricade is available in orange, yellow, and white.
Perfect substitute for heavy steel barricades. Stacks compactly for storage and transport.
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Minicade / Squarecade / Narrowcade School Crossing Sign Stands

The safest portable school zone signs available.

Barricades come in Orange. The School Crossing legend is printed on Yellow/ Green 3M Scotchlite Diamond Grade, the brightest fluorescent reflective sheeting available. It catches and reflects all direct, oblique, and ambient light giving it a strong technicolor brilliance even during broad daylight.

Other Features:

  • Regressed sign area helps to protect sign faces.
  • Features “click lock” hinges for a positive.
    interlock in the open position
  • Can be internally ballasted with dry sand.
  • Stacking lugs facilitate handling by keeping
    stacked units from sliding and damaging sign

Perfect for School Zone Crossings. Highly visible in early morning overcast afternoons and during broad daylight. Handles for easy portability. Won't splinter, blister, or rust. Highly Visible Built-in handles for easy transport and wide legs for stability.

Minicade: Left image
Outside Dimensions: 36”H x 13”W x 3”D
Two 12" x 24" sign face panels.
Weight: 10 lbs. 
Narrowcade: Right image
Outside Dimensions: 45”H x 13”W x 3”D  
Two 24" x 12" sign face panels.
Weight: 11 lbs.
Squarecade: Middle image
Squarecade 45 (45"H x 25"W x 3")
Two 24" x 24" sign face panels.
Weight: 18 lbs. 
Squarecade 35 (35"H x 25"W x 3")
Two 24" x 24" sign face panels.
Weight: 17 lbs. 
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