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Our Traffic Safety Products Division has a wide selection of barricades to choose from; we sell Type I, II, and III Barricades in a variety of styles and materials. We sell plastic folding barricades, Plastic A-Frame Barricades, Water-Fillable Barricades, and even manufacture our own line of Steel Type III Barricades. We can customize the length, reflective material, striping direction, and number of sides for the reflective on your barricade boards, to give you a multitude of options that will fit your every need - whether you are using your barricades for traffic, or just crowd control, we have something that will fit your purpose. All of our barricades are MUTCD compliant, and many of our barricades, including all of our Type III Barricades, are NHCRP-350 crash test approved.

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Model 400 Battery Powered ''A'' and ''C'' Type Barricade Warning Lights - 6 Volt w/ Photocell
  • Switchable flashing ("A" Type) or steady burn ("C" Type) with photo electric switch.
  • 7" Polycarbonate Fresnel design with 5/8" reflector ring.
  • Upper case design eliminates the need for the rubber neck ring.
  • Hi-Impact polypropylene - UV stabilized.
  • Moisture proof circuit using the latest state of the art electronic components. Reverse polarity protected.
  • Standard flash rate in 65+/- 10 FPM and on time is a minimum of 10% of the flash cycle.
  • Each unit comes with one switch pin, one bolt, and one wrench per set of 10 ordered (when available.)
  • Requires two 6 volt batteries (not included.)
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ZoneLite Work Zone D-Cell Baricade Lights - 3 Volt LED w/ Photocell
  • Amber lens with yellow body
  • LED light source and 3 volt photocell circuit technology.
  • Uses 4 popular "D" Cell battery (not included).
  • Meets May 2001 ITE Purchase Specification.
  • Extra light intensity via computer designed high clarity polycarbonate lens.
  • Changes from flashing type "A" to steady burn Type "C" and back again with a with simple push on the easy to locate mode switch.
  • Three modes - Flash/Steady/Off.
  • Hardware - 10 - 3-1/2" bolts, 2 on-off keys, and 1 wrench.
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6 Volt Battery

Battery for Barricade light Perfect for Highway or Road Applications

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Solar Powered ''A'' and ''C'' (3-Way) Type High Intensity Barricade Hazard Lights - Dual Function Amber LED
  • 60+/- times per minute flash rate.
  • 0.4 watt solar panel power source.
  • 2.4 volt 1600 mAh power consumption.
  • 2 High Intensity LED’s with 6 candela intensity.
  • Polycarbonate panel cover and ABS base.
  • 4 inches lens diamerter.
  • 12" H x 8" W x 3" D
  • Overcharge protection built-in.
  • 6 hour of sun charge yeilds 3 nights of operation.
  • Automatic on/off at dusk and dawn.
  • Security bolt tool included.
  • Replaceable solar panel shield.

Other lens colors available by special order: Red, Blue, Yellow and White.

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Solar Powered ''B'' Type High Intensity Barricade Lights - 4 Volt Rechargeable Amber LED
  • 60+/- Times/Minute Flash Rate
  • 1.6 watt solar panel powered
  • 4 volt lead acid rechargeable battery
  • 9 high intensity LED’s with 43 candela one-directional intesity
  • Polycarbonate Panel Cover and Base
  • 14.5" H x 8.5" W x 4.75" D
  • Overcharge protection built-in
  • 8 hour sun charge good for 3.5 Days
  • On/Off switch
  • Security bolt tool included
  • Hardware for most common installs
  • Replaceable solar panel shield
  • One year limited warranty

Other lens colors available by special order: Red, Blue, Yellow and White.

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High Intensity LED Barricade B-Light
  • Passed I.T.E and MUTCD standards.
  • Runs on 2 or 4 alkaline "D" cell batteries (not included).
  • Visor eliminates sun glare.
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate lens cover..
  • 3 modes: Flashing/Dim, Flashing/No Dim, or Off.
  • High impact polypropylene case.
  • Light dims 50% at night to extend battery life.
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