Eberl Iron Works

Dedicated to customers, company, and family since 1923

A history rich with achievements and memories, family and friends

The story of Eberl Iron Works is a story about family. Not just because our company was founded and is still owned by our family. But because the people who work here, and the customers we serve, are all valued members of it.

Three generations of leadership

Founding brothers George and Frank brought in brothers Leo, Anthony and Edward. George’s son Norbert and Frank’s nephew Dennis Barry joined in later years.

Frank’s sons, Frank and George, came on board in 1967 and 1970, respectively, and became second-generation owners.

Cousins Nora and John Eberl – the third generation – assumed ownership in 2012, with John as chief executive officer and Nora as chief financial officer.

The Early Years

Our company began in 1923 as a small welding shop, fabricating wrought iron railings, stairways, exterior fire escapes and more. Today, our Metal Fabrication Division continues this tradition.

Our fabricated products are often quite intricate. Many local landmarks boast ornamental stairs, gates and other components crafted with great skill by Eberl Iron Works.

Photo (Right): Ornamental Iron Gate at 800 W. Ferry

Ornamental Iron Gate from Eberl's early years, still in use today at 800 W Ferry in Buffalo, NY

Housed in our 1880s red brick building, Eberl Iron Works was right next door to the family home. Radios were not allowed in “the shop” – our affectionate nickname for the company – so when the World Series was broadcast, Aunt Mary would relay the play-by-play through the windows.

Photos (Left to Right): Aunt Mary Eberl, Eberl family home next door to shop

Mary Eberl

The Great Depression and the Great War

Eberl Iron Works has always been a carefully managed company. Although demand dropped in the 1930s, the brothers had both the foresight and the financial reserves to invest in equipment. Our first press brake and shear machines, purchased from a Binghamton company that had ceased operation, were ready to boost production when business improved, slowly at first and then more quickly during World War II.

Installed in 1933, our press brake was the largest in Buffalo.

In addition to its regular job, our delivery truck was often volunteered for church and neighborhood parades.

Photos: (Left to Right): Press Brake, Old Delivery Truck

Old Press Brake Old delivery truck Eberl Iron Works

The Eberls were never called to serve in the military – because our manufacturing capacity was crucial to the war effort, their work in the company was considered more important. Among other products, we supplied bumpers for Jeeps.

Photos: (Left to Right):WWII Billboard, Jeep

WWII Billboard WWII Jeep

Diversification and Expansion

With the founding of Unistrut Buffalo in 1946, Eberl Iron Works entered the distribution business; we are now world’s longest-running Unistrut distributor. Telespar, introduced in 1964, has since become Unistrut’s most successful product.

Despite additions in the 1920s and 1930s, we eventually outgrew our space. Construction of warehouse and office areas in 1989 proved timely, as demand for comprehensive design-build services led to the formation of our Systems Installation Division in 1991.

From ornamental space frames to massive medical support grids, we’ve fabricated and installed countless major projects for Unistrut.

Photos: (Right): Unistrut Mezzanine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Unistrut Mezzanine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute circa 1960

Walt Disney himself created Mr. Strut, Unistrut’s unique cartoon mascot, in 1957.

Photo (Right): Disney's Mr. Strut

Walt Disney creates Unistrut mascot Mr. Strut

The shear we purchased in 1949 was still running when we replaced it in 2009.

Photo (Right): 1949 and newer shear machines

Delivery of newer shear machine circa 1949

Over the years, it has never been too soon to involve the next generation in the family business. John and Nora Eberl visited the shop as youngsters and worked summer jobs during their college years.

Photo (Right): Eberl children at the shop

Eberl children at the shop

The second generation was complete when brothers Frank and George Eberl joined their cousins, Norbert Eberl and Dennis Barry, who had already been with our company for many years.

Photo (Right): Frank & George

George and Frank Eberl

New construction added much-needed warehouse and office space in 1989. The warehouse doubled in size with further expansion in 2010.

Photo (Right): The new warehouse

21st Century Innovations and Growth

Growth has accelerated in recent years, with the formation of our Traffic Safety Products and Rooftop Support Systems divisions. Our website, launched in 1999 and updated regularly, enables customers to research and purchase a variety of products online. New high-tech equipment has increased efficiency and capacity.

Our first website, introduced in 1999, extended our reach beyond upstate New York; today, customers can buy online.

Photo (Right): Original Website

Eberl Iron Works original website

With touch-screen controls, the new press brake we installed in 2000 incorporates the latest technology.

Photo (Right): New press brake

Delivery of new press brake

Since 2003, our Traffic Safety Products Division has been manufacturing and distributing traffic control devices for public and private roadways.

Our Rooftop Support Systems Division, established in 2009, innovates with strong, flexible and economical solutions that won’t penetrate the roof.

Photos: (Left to Right): TSP Logo, RTS Logo

Traffic Safety Products Logo Rooftop Support Systems Logo

Needing more space for inventory and assembly, we expanded our warehouse in 2010 to 28,500 square feet.

Photos: (Left to Right):Warehouse ribbon cutting ceremony, warehouse during construction

New warehouse ribbon cutting ceremony Eberl's new warehouse during construction
Ownership passed to our third generationon January 1, 2012, with cousins John Eberl as chief executive officer and Nora Eberl as chief financial officer. Their talent and enthusiasm are proving invaluable as they pursue new strategies for growth, and new ideas for our valued customers.

Photo (Right): Buffalo News Leadership Story

Third generation cousins Nora & John Eberl take over as CFO & CEO of Eberl Iron Works

In 2013, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of Eberl Iron Works. Our company continues to thrive on Sycamore Street, right where we started. Through nine decades, the shop has expanded greatly in products, markets, facilities and expertise.

Photo (Right): 90th Year Logo

eberl iron works 90th anniversary seal

Luck finds people who work hard

Perseverance has helped us through hard times. Hard work has brought us success. While we’ve always welcomed new challenges and sought new opportunities, quality has been our hallmark and prudence has kept our company sound. We’re grateful for loyal customers, dedicated employees, cherished family, and the promise of a prosperous future.