Unistrut Trolley Systems (Order Below)

The Unistrut overhead trolley system moves equipment from 10 to 600 lbs., with reliability, ease and economy. Unistrut trolleys, feature corrosion-free stainless wheel bearings and steel or acetyl wheels that require no lubricaiton; they deliver built-in value and dependability for a wide range of applications. Our most robust trolley is the Unistrut P2950, which can hold up to 600 pounds. Trolleys can also be ganged together to support heavier loads, so whether you're hanging a barn door, installing a sliding track door in your house, installing a patient lift system, curtain wall, or moving a punching pag out of the way, when not in use, rest assured our Unistrut Trolley Systems can handle whatever you can dream up.

  • Trolley Assemblies: stainless steel wheel bearings and steel or acetyl (nylon) wheels require no lubrication, providing smooth, maintenance-free operation and long life
  • Trolley Track Hangers / Joiners: provide strong support while keeping track interior obstruction-free
  • Channel Track: inturned edges form strong, low-friction bearing surfaces

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