Traffic Safety Products

Parking Lot Sign System

parking lot sign system pexco The Parking Lot Sign System includes a durable, light-weight plastic post and a high impact resistant UV-stabilized resin base.

Posts are made of 1.75" square white plastic x-tube, with two internal corner-to-corner reinforcing cross beams, and are constructed out of UV-stabilized polymers. The X-Tube Post provides superior impact resistance and is designed to bend when struck, then return to its original vertical orientation. In addition to their resilience, these posts are also able to withstand a full spectrum of weather conditions. Posts are available in lengths of up to 8ft and come pre-drilled for installation of 12" x 18" signs.

Bases are very durable and high impact resistant. They have a very small footprint, which is designed to conserve space and reduce tripping hazards. Bases can easily and quickly be installed with either bolts (4 bolts - 1 per corner), or 2-part roadway epoxy. Bases can also be used with 1.75" square steel tube.