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Snap-N-Strut Pipe Clamps

Since first being introduced to the plumbing and electrical construction industry in 1995, Snap-N-Strut’s one Piece plastic pipe hangers have gained wide acceptance.

The Snap-N-Strut line of pipe hangers is produced from a high-performance, UV stabilized 6/6 nylon resin possessing exceptional long term stress resistance and chemical stability over a wide range of temperatures.

The hinged, snap-on lock arm adjusts for pipe O.D. variations, affording each hanger the ability to accommodate several different pipe sizes. The pipe is nestled in a snug fit without any crimping of its wall. No nuts are required.

With a totally non-metallic design, there is no need to isolate copper tubing. Eliminate the concern for galvanic corrosion. The Snap-N-Strut hangers will withstand most commonly encountered chemicals and refrigerants, including freon and ammonia (chemical resistance charts available upon request).

The nature of the nylon material utilized, combined with the uniquely engineered design, absorbs vibration and acts as a cushion between the piping and its supporting structure.

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