Eberl Iron

Rooftop Walkways

Walking safely and fall protection are more important than ever. RTS Rooftop Walkways provide a safe walking surface for workers while on rooftops. Our design team will provide a safe solution to your walking safety needs.

Our Rooftop Walkways Provide:

  • Safe walking surfaces
  • Roof protection, whether on rubber membrane or metal roof, from damage of walking and working
  • Turnkey safe walking solutions
  • Safety for your workers
  • Improved worker efficiency
  • Longevity - Rooftop Walkways will not weather or corrode like wood or patio blocks
  • Modularity - Our Rooftop Walkway Systems arrive ready to be installed and only require a wrench
Rooftop Walkway


Rooftop Walkway


Rooftop Walkway