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Roof Maintenance Platform

Access Platforms (Equipment Platform) for Roof Maintenance Workers

Roof Maintenance - Access Platforms - Roof Support Let our knowledge and experience work for you. Our roof support experts can design a custom rooftop equipment platform that perfectly suits your needs.

When dealing with any mounted machinery, the leading obstacle after installation is providing accessibility for roof maintenance workers to perform duties such as cleaning, repair, and any other tasks requiring access to equipment, to ensure the machinery remains operative. The best way to do that is by building a custom roof support, such as a roof platform Rooftop equipment platforms provide the most safety and best rooftop access to equipment and machinery.

Our designers will customize the project and design that is right for you, while upholding OSHA standards. There are various material and finish choices available as well as additional custom options such as stairs, ladders or railings.

Our highly skilled design team is on hand to help you achieve your custom platform project or design need.