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Perforated Stairpans (EIWPERFPAN)

Perforated Stairpans improve aesthetics and visibility as pedestrians are able to see above and below themselves in stairwells. When welded in place, they also provide a strong walking surface in the form of concrete poured stairs.

They are also commonly used to provide aesthetics when fabricators need to create a stairway that sets itself apart from others.

Perforated Stairpans and stair treads are manufactured in the same manner as non-perforated pans with an extra CNC step added for hole perforations or slots. Custom patterns are also available. Add the building's name or recognize a person by adding their name to the riser.

Perforation Type: Round, Slotted Oblong or Rectangular. (Custom patterns are available upon request)

Perforation Size: determined by architect. (Standard size is 3/8" hole staggered on 3/4" spacing)

Perforation Patterns: Staggered, Straight or Custom


  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Pre-Galvanized
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum


  • Carrier Angles (Welded-On) 
  • Primer Painted
  • Bolt-Holes Punched in Treads
  • Perforated Rise


Straight Perforated Stairpan


Staggered Perforated Stairpan

Perforated Treads

Perforated Stair Tread


Perforated Stairpan Installed


Perforated Stairpans Installed


Installed Perforated Stairpans