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Landing Pans

Metal Stair Landing Pans Installed 432 Park Ave Newy York, NY

During the construction of commercial steel stairs, Landing Pans are used to provide a foundation for poured concrete landings. Our landing pans are strong, yet small enough and light enough to be easily handled by one or two workers, making them a very convenient solution for a concrete pours.

Our Landing Pans are supplied square. They are notched and bent to fit the field measurements of the installer, reducing the amount of field fabrication time.

Stair Landing Pans are manufactured at a competitive price and are made of the highest quality sheet and plate steel. They are formed with the tightest of tolerances, improving the efficiency of the installation process for commercial steel stair fabricators. Eberl Landing Pans are available in standard shapes and sizes and are also customizable to your dimensions upon request.

Commercial Metal Stair Landing Pan for Poured Concrete Applications


  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Pre-Galvanized
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum


  • Primered

With Return

Without Return

Filler Pan