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Dock Shelter Hoods

Powder Coated Dock Shelter Hood Custom Colors Available

Dock Shelter Canopy Hoods are typically used in the loading dock and door industry for covering the canvas or plastic dock covers on shipping docks. Also known as metal dock shelter hoods, they provide protection for dock shelters from snow, ice and other weather elements. Eberl Iron Works has been manufacturing dock shelter hoods for the dock and door industry for over twenty-five years. Through effective cost control measures, we now offer the most efficiently manufactured and durable dock shelter hoods in the industry, in various gauges and sizes. Our custom hoods are offered in G90 galvanized material or in powder-coated to match your requirements.

Galvanized custom sheet metal hoods and dock shelters Galvanized commercial sheet metal hoods and dock shelters
Picture of a 24" projection 16 gauge
galvanized G90 dock shelter hood

Picture of same hood with 18" of snow on top of it,
protecting the loading dock enclosure.