Eberl Iron

Lindapter Structural Fastening System

Lindapter products are used to connect structural steel on both permanent and temporary structures worldwide. The exclusive and patented connections are independently approved by respected international associations with Lindapter’s load bearing capacities tested and verified. Third party recognition also extends to independent design guidance from SCI/BCSA, detailing the use of the Hollo-Bolt® as a primary connection. Lindapter applications include, connecting structural beams, roofing, cladding, flooring and temporary access runway beams as well as secondary steel installation.

Whether connecting to structural sections, hollow sections, concrete decking, purlins or light steel framing, Lindapter has the support connection to suit. Applications include the installation of pipe work, HVAC systems, sprinkler systems, electrical equipment and suspended ceilings.

Why Lindapter?

  • No Welding/ Site Drilling
  • Guaranteed Loads & Factor of Safety
  • No damage to protective coatings
  • Safe in hazardous environments
  • Adjustable On-Site

Types of Connections

  • Steel to Steel Connections
  • Steel Tube & Blind Connections
  • Steel Floor Connections
  • Pipe/Conduit Supports
  • Rail Clamps