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Download the New 2017 Lindapter Catalog & The Lindapter Hollo Bolt Catalog

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Save paper - download the most up to date version of the Lindapter Catalog here, in digital format.

Get Instant Access to Lindapter part numbers, product specifications, engineering data, load tables, product finishes, and more! Lindapter is the maker of the original blind connection: Hollo Bolt (sometimes referrred to as lindapters, box bolt, blind bolt, hollow bolt or hollow bolts).

Get key data on the Hollo Bolts, including lindapter hollo bolt capacity. Unistrut Buffalo (a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc.) is a Lindapter US supplier, distributing Lindapter Clamps, Lindapter Beam Clamps, Lindapter Hollow Bolts and more at great prices! Download your Lindapter Catalogs or go ahead and place your order in our online store today!

*download times may vary (file is large). Please note, catalog is in PDF format - you must have Adobe Reader (a FREE and trusted program) installed, to view. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed, you may download from Adobe's website)