Eberl Iron Works

History of our Building

The original red brick front portion of 128 Sycamore (seen on the left of the drawing) was built in the 1880's. Our corporate offices are currently located in this portion. Two rear portions on the North Pine Street side were added in the 1920's increasing the shop area to 25' x 150'. A second addition in the 1930's increased the building's width by 30' x 150'. This addition is the middle portion with the garage door.

The warehouse (to the right) was added in 1989 increasing our total area to 20,000 square feet.

In 2010 we added another 8500 sqaure foot addition onto our building, after we became a master distributor for Nucor Steel Marion u-channel posts, so we could house more inventory. This brought our total sqaure footage up to 28,500 feet.

Eberl Iron Works has been located at 128 Sycamore since it was founded in 1923.


128 Sycamore



Eberl Iron Works, Inc. through the years

Eberl 1924 Eberl 1968 Eberl 1997