Unistrut Buffalo Supports

Gripple Hanger System

The unique Gripple Hanger System has revolutionized the industry of suspension & bracing. Widely recognized as the world's fastest and most cost effective way of installing electrical, meachanical, and other suspended services.

The whole essence of using Gripple to suspend fixed loads is to save time and money. Gripple is a natural replacement for threaded rod or chain for a number of reasons.

Each kit is composed of a length of steel wire rope with a choice of "end fixings", a Gripple to adjust the free end, and a setting key.

  • Fast (as much as 6 times quicker to install)
  • Versatile & Simple to Use
  • Strong but lightweight
  • Safe and aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Gripple Hangers are supplied as a complete kit ready for use