Eberl Iron

Fall Protection Guard Rails

Guard rail systems provide simple and easy-to-use leading edge fall protection for a variety of applications, including rooftops, mezzanines, stairs, access platforms, gangways and loading docks, to name just a few. For temporary portable guardrails to permanent installations, the project coordinators at Eberl Iron Works can recommend a guard rail solution that will keep your employees safe and your facility in compliance with OSHA fall protection regulations.

RTSPORTGR Portable Guard Rail

• Portable Guard Rail is versatile and affordable
• It is a “free standing” modular system
• Does not require drilling, special fasteners, or attachments
• OSHA compliant and available in 6′, 8′, or 10′ sections

RTSPERMGR Permanrnt Guard Rail

• Permanent Guardrail is ideal for catwalks, mezzanines or access platform
• Additional uses are at roof edges, high sloped roofs, parapet walls or extensions, metal roofs and loading docks
• OSHA compliant and available in 6′, 8′, or 10′ sections

RTSRHGRGR Roof Hatch Guard Rail

• Roof Hatch Guardrail modular design are fully adjustable
• The integrated swing gate is also fully adjustable
• Ideal for any rooftop substrate including single ply membrane, built-up asphalt, metal, and standing seam metal