Crossover Bridges: Metal Platforms with Stairs

Roof Stairs for Obstacle and Pipe Crossover that Provide Better Rooftop Access to Roof Maintenance Workers

Roof Stairs Crossover Bridge Roof Platform Roof Support

The Rooftop Crossover Bridge, also known as 'crossover stairs', is constructed of high strength steel framing and utilizes heavy-duty recycled rubber base supports for stability. Our modular crossover bridge stair systems are designed to be assembled on jobsites without the need for cutting, welding or rigging, and without the use of a lift. All materials can be transported on a pallet in a freight elevator, or easily moved by hand, by roof maintenance workers.

Pipe Crossover Bridge Stairs provide a safe walking surface, allowing roof maintenance workers and pedestrians to crossover pipe, duct work, cable tray, conduit, equipment or any obstacle that requires crossover stairs to get around. Crossover bridges also protect the surface of the roof. Rubber roof supports may rest directly on rooftops without penetrating or harming the surface of the roof and require no barrier layer.

Crossover Stairs:
• Are custom designed to meet both project and design specifications
• Stair treads are made from Heavy Duty grating
• Rest upon 100% recycled rubber bases and provide a safe pathway to crossover pipe, conveyors and other obstacles


RTSCOW: Crossover Stairs

Crossover Bridge Roof Stair

Crossover Bridge Roof Stair