Eberl Iron Works

People & Values

The Eberl team is composed of men and women dedicated to customer service, quality products and respect for each other.

The office staff consists of reception/bookkeeper, customer service including estimating, order processing and design, marketing and administration. The plant/warehouse consists of machine operators, welders, shipping and receiving, including a parts counter and display area, and plant manager.

At Eberl Iron Works we work together to provide you with the best possible customer service and highest quality products available.

Company Mission:

To be the North American leading supplier of commercial construction and traffic control support solutions through an inspired customer business experience provided by our passionate, dedicated team living our core values furnishing extraordinary service, unique intellectual property, prompt assistance and in-depth product knowledge.

The Eberl Iron Works Team - Group Photo May 2018

Top Row (L-R): Kieran Deyell, Tom Huber, Andrew Brydalski, Michael Weibel, David Bucholz, Brian Kellner, Bruce Otto, Jeff Ersing, Dennis Esford, Kody Kopack, Jonathan Schanne, Brandon Cammarano

Middle Row (L-R): Brian Deyell, Andrew Heckler, Scott Kabel, Paul Brydalski, Justin Carr, Jared Carris, Elizabeth Durand, Dan Deyell, Sean Rogan, Robert Kaznica, Denise Wilson, George Hartman

Bottom Row (L-R): Ray Owsian, Mitch Wojda, John Eberl, George Eberl, Frank Eberl, Nora Eberl, Greg Jones

Not Pictured: Chip Braaten, Geoffrey Moss, Richard Stacki, John Gammell, Michael Weslowski, Steven Dahn, Steve Paveljack

Core Values


INTEGRITY - Practice honest and ethical conduct in all business endeavors.

TEAMWORK - Together we work to achieve our goals.

SAFETY - Strive to exceed industry, government, and community standards.

RESPECT - Recognize the intrinsic worth and contributions of others.

COMMUNICATION - Encourage the free flow of information by asking, listening and responding.

QUALITY SERVICE - Anticipate and act at a level exceeding expectation.

INNOVATION - Develop and promote new products, services, and methods to increase customer value.

The Eberl Iron Works Core Values express the spirit of our company. They are the foundation of our existence and the guiding principals of our future.

The Eberl Iron Works Core Values are ageless and each generation seeks their own method of expression. They also serve to energize every Eberl employee to commit themselves to our principals for working in today's world.

The Eberl Iron Works Core Values define who we are, what we believe in, where we are going and how we will get there.

~ The Eberl Family

Office Staff:

Frank L. Eberl
Board of Advisors

George J. Eberl
Board of Advisors

Nora E. Eberl
Co-Owner / CFO

John C. Eberl
Co-Owner / CEO

Gregory N. Jones
Operations Manager

John C. Gammell
National Sales Manager

Justin M. Carr
Assistant Sales Manager

Steven J. Paveljack
Senior Estimator

Robert P. Kaznica
MFS Estimator

Michael Weslowski
RTS Senior Estimator

David Rodriguez
RTS Estimator

Jared M. Carris
RTS Estimator

Denise C. Wilson
Office Manager

Liz Durand
Marketing Coordinator

Brandon J. Cammarano
Marketing Assistant

Mitch Wojda
Customer Service Supervisor

Dan J. Deyell
Customer Service

Jonathan M. Schanne
Material Coordinator

Steven R. Dahn
Business Support Specialist


Production Staff:

Paul C. Brydalski
Shop Foreman

Raymond T. Owsian, Jr.
Lead Man

Thomas A. Huber
Facilities Engineer

Andrew C. Brydalski
Machine Operator

David E. Bucholz
Machine Operator

Jeffery S. Ersing
Warehouse Expeditor

Dennis P. Esford
Saw Operator

Andrew D. Heckler
Machine Operator

Scott R. Kabel
Warehouse Expeditor

Bruce R. Otto
Machine Operator

Sean Rogan
Machine Operator

Michael J. Weibel
Machine Operator

Anthony Shilen
Machine Assistant

John Abdullah

Timothy Price
Machine Assistant

Brian Deyell
Parts Counter

Sales Representatives:

John (Chip) Braaten
TSP Product Specialist