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Cush-a-Clamp – Tube Series (O.D.) Channel Mount Cushioned Pipe Clamps, STAINLESS

Tube Series (O.D.) Copper & Steel Tubing
*Tube O.D. is cushion I.D.

Type 304 stainless steel finish

Channel mounted clamping systems are ideal for multiple line runs while absorbing shock and vibration, reducing unwanted noise and preventing galvanic corrosion.

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004NS008, 006NS010, 022NS026, 050NS054, 008NS012, 010NS014, 012NS016, 014NS018, 016NS020, 018NS022, 020NS024, 024NS028, 026NS030, 028NS032, 030NS034, 032NS036, 034NS040, 038NS042, 038NS044
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