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Accessories for the TTMA-100 Trailer Truck Mounted Attenuator

T-100A: Impact Head (includes hdw) - $2,325.00/ea
T-100B: Bursting Mandrel (includes hdw) - $1,800.00/ea
T-100C: First Stage Energy Bursting Tube (Includes hdw and plastic guide plates) - $2,850.00/ea
T-100D: Trailer A-Frame (includes hdw) - $8,950.00/ea
T-100E: Fender Bracket & Light - $45.00/ea
T-100EF-R: Fenders (right) Galvanized Steel - $230.00/ea
T-100EF-L: Fenders (left) Galvanized Steel - $230.00/ea
T-100F: End Caps (Passenger Side) - $75.00/ea
T-100G: End Caps (Driver Side) - $75.00/ea
T-100H: Lunette Ring (includes hdw) - $325.00/ea
T-100J: Spacer (package of 8) - $200.00/ea
T-100K: Jack Assembly (includes hdw) - $275.00/ea
T-100L: Safety Chains w/hooks Grade 70 - $225.00/ea
T-100M: 16in Hitch Extension - $775.00/ea
T-100N: 10in Hitch Extension - $750.00/ea
T-NHRC Kit: Shear Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Plastic Guide Plates - $205.00/ea
T-100P: Axle and 5 Lug Hub Assembly (ONLY) - $1,375.00/ea
T-100Q: Plastic Guide Plates (8 per package) - $152.50/ea
T-100R: Battery Tray - Replacement/Upgrade - $425.00/ea
T-100S: Spare Tire Mount (includes hdw) - $125.00/ea
T-100T: Spare Tire w/rim (205/75D15) - $247.50/ea
T-100Y: Wiring Harness for 12/24 Volt Lighting - $700.00/ea
T-100Z: Conspicuity Tape - Reflective - RED/WHITE (Full Coverage) - $325.00/ea
T-LIGHTBAR-12V: 12 Volt Light Bar-Complete Unit (includes hdw) - No wiring harness - $700.00/ea
T-LIGHTBAR-24V: 24 Volt Light Bar - Complete Unit (includes hdw) - No wiring harness - $1,000.00/ea
T-ABB: 4 ft x 8 ft Arrow Board Battery powered - $3,000.00/ea
T-ABS: 4 ft x 8 ft Arrow Board Solar powered - $5,500.00/ea
T-ABF: Arrow Board Mounting Frame - $2,150.00/ea
T-WINCH: Manual Winch for T-ABF - $350.00/ea
T-WINCH-ELEC: Electronic Winch for T-ABF (Wiring not included) - $550.00/ea
T-WINCH-ELEC-WIRING: Wiring - Electronic Winch for T-ABF - $575.00/ea
T-WINCH-ELEC-CONDUIT: Plastic Conduit - 60FT for wiring of Electronic Winch to Truck - $62.50/ea
T-100P-DISC-UPGRADE: Axle Assembly with Disc Brakes (Upgrade) - $975.00/ea
T-100P-DISC Axle Assembly with Disc Brakes - $3,325.00/ea
T-100P-BAWAY-UPGRADE: Break-Away Electronic Brake System (Upgrade) - $450.00/ea
T-100P-ELECTB: Electric Brakes - run off the host vehicle - $1,975.00/ea
T-100P-BEARINGBUD: Bearing Buddies (2 total) - $325.00/ea
T-LIGHTBAR-24V-UPGRADE: 24 Volt Light Bar - (Upgrade from T-Lightbar-12V) - $825.00/ea
T-LIGHTBAR-BACKUP: Back Up Lights (Upgrade) - (2 Total) - $375.00/ea
T-100A-4LIGHT-AMBER: Impact Head Enhancement Lighting - (4 LED Amber Lamps) - $1,400.00/ea
T-100A-4LIGHT-RED: Impact Head Enhancement Lighting - (4 LED Red Lamps) - $1,525.00/ea
MISC. FEES: Installation of Arrow Board - $500.00/ea
MISC. FEES: Installation of Message Board - $500.00/ea
MISC. FEES: Hand Loading SContainer (waived at 10 units) - $1,250.00/ea

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