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Flagger Station and Work Area Lighting

Flagger station and work area lighting is portable and lightweight, with an extended run time, and safely illuminates flaggers or personal work areas.There are two Models Available: Single LED Light, 10 Watts, 800 Lumens, and  Dual LED Light, 20 Watts 1600 Lumens.

Operational Features
•    8 ft. light elevation
•    Aluminum extension mast
     - collapsible with thumb locking screws
•    Lamp head, rated 50,000 service hours
      - directionally adjustable
•    Push-to-test volt meter
•    DC Power Port
      - quick charge unit using an external battery source
      - run other DC powered electrical devices
•    Weight: 35 lbs.


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Internal Battery
•    12 VDC sealed 33 amp AGM lead acid battery
•    Deep cycle, with built-in 115 VAC charger system and cord
•    Run time for Single LED with full charge, 32+ hours
•    Run time for Dual LED with full charge, 16+ hours
•    Battery pack rated for 500+ charge cycles
•    Approved for continuous charging when light not in use. If fully depleted, it may require up to 24 hours to fully recharge
•    One year replacement warranty on battery pack and charger

Download the Manual

Download the Product Manual



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