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NULOC Nylon Fasteners for Tuff'n Lite Composite Sign Posts

NULOC Nylon Fasteners are designed to secure a variety of materials including fabric, cardboard, plastic or any other material where there is access to the front and back of the items. Each set includes 2 bolts and 2 clips.

NULOC 1 (right)
Components are fastened by first compressing the nylon clip ends to open the jaws, second sliding the nylon clip over the retaining rings on the stem and then releasing the clip at a designated location.

When required, the plastic fastener can be easily removed by compressing the nylon clip ends to disengage the jaws and then sliding it off the stem.

NULOC 2 (left)
Components are fastened by first, sliding the nylon clip onto the stem, by means of the keyway, to the desired position. Second, rotate the nylon clip clockwise to tighten and to secure the locking tabs in place. The nylon clips will not rotate 360 degrees since the threads are blocked on one side of the keyway.

To remove the plastic fastener, simply rotate the nylon clip counterclockwise which disengages the locking tabs. Continue rotating the nylon clip until it stops at the keyway and then slide the nylon clip off the stem.


** 1 Box = 50 sets or 100 total pieces**


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