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Lindapter 'P1' and 'P2' Long Packings

Packings are used to adjust the Lindapter clamps to meet different flange thicknesses. Both products fit on the bolt
between the clamp and the location plate.

The Type P1 is thicker than the Type CW, with the Type P2 being twice the thickness of the P1.

The P1 and P2 Long are for the use with the Types LR, D1 (not available,) D2 and D3 adjustable tail Lindapters where the flange thickness being clamped is greater than the maximum adjustable range.

Mild Steel, Malleable iron

Bright zinc plated, Hot dip galvanized

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LP1037S, LP2037S, LP1050S, LP2050S, LP1062S, LP2062S, LP1075S, LP2075S, LP1100S, LP2100S, LP1125S, LP2125S, LP1150S, LP2150S
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