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M3-1, M3-2, M3-3, M3-4 ''NORTH,'' ''EAST,'' ''SOUTH,'' ''WEST'' Direction Marker Signs, White Or Blue

Federal MUTCD # M3-1, M3-2, M3-3, M3-4  "Cardinal Direction Auxiliary"

Produced using rectangle shaped 0.080" thick aluminum blanks fabricated to federal standards including corner radii (rounded corners) and hole patterns. Faced with with Type 1 Engineering Grade retroreflective sheeting.

M3-1 = (North), M3-2 = (South), M3-3 = (East), M3-4 = (West)

Roadway Applications (U) are black legend on white retroreflective background

Interstate Applications (I) are white retroreflective legend on blue retroreflective background.

Perfect for Highway and Roadway use with other Guide Signs.

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