Condenser Unit Supports
Eberl Iron

Mini Split & Condenser Unit Roof Supports

Elevated Equipment Supports (sometimes referred to as dunnage supports) provide a strong, economical and adjustable roof support system for rooftop condenser units and mini split units. Both the mini split roof support and condenser unit roof support are designed to allow airflow underneath and around the equipment that is being supported.

Additionally, elevated roof supports allow for water to drain away from the units so units are not sitting in standing water - and in most cases units will also sit above any snow accumulation that may be present. They are easily adjusted with standard hand tools. Roof support systems specifically designed for elevated equipment support offer a turnkey solution for mounting condensers, mini splits and other rooftop equipment conveniently, without penetrating rooftop surfaces.

RTSEQ-R: Mini Split Support

Weight Load Capacity:
200 lbs/unit

Product Dimensions:
36" x 24" unit

RTSEQ-LDF: Condenser Unit Support

Weight Load Capacity:
250 lbs/unit

Product Dimensions:
36" x 36" unit

RTSEQ-MDF: Condenser Unit Support

Weight Load Capacity:
500 lbs/unit

Product Dimensions:
48" x 48" unit